Continuing Your Medical and Automotive Education…

The terms, they just keep a’comin’. Once again, I encountered a term I had not heard before. The doctor dictated that a patient’s knee showed no “calor”. First I thought “color”, and this was a British doctor, so I listened a couple more times. Nope. It was definitely “calor”. So I headed to the trusty dictionary:

“Calor: Heat, as one of the four signs of inflammation enunciated by Celsus” Celsus was a long-ago Roman physican. The other 3 signs of inflammation, by the way, are “rubor”, “dolor”, and “tumor” aka redness, pain, and swelling–which words, of course, cannot actually be SAID in a medical report, lest someone other than a doctor would know what was being described.

Back to typing, mumbling under my breath, “Calor, rubor, dolor, tumor…” and suddenly I’m humming “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious….” Egad. My wandering mind takes me to strange places.


Then, this whole little train takes me back to when my father was trying halfheartedly to teach me about cars. He was an aerospace engineer who also did repair work on our cars, under protest, because he didn’t want to pay a mechanic. He would have had an easer time of it if he had gotten the right tools, but I guess you can’t get too enthused about car maintenance when all you have is a pair of tweezers and a fork. (Not really, but that’s how he made it sound.)

Anyway, he was telling me about the 4 stages of the internal combusion engine, which are:

1. Intake
2. Compression
3. Ignition
4. Exhaust.

“Or,” he said in his rather prim, fatherly way, “if you can’t remember that, just think suck, squeeze, bang, and blow…!”

As you can see, I have never forgotten what happens inside an internal combusition engine when you turn the key!!

Tomorrow’s Friday!


One thought on “Continuing Your Medical and Automotive Education…

  1. I would have died laughing if anyone described a combustion engine to me like that… well after my eyeballs stopped spinning from hearing the technical stuff.

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