What I Had Waiting

Yesterday, I came upstairs to take a quick break from my type, type, typing. See what I had waiting when I went back down?

These asters are from our favorite bush–once again, they seemed to have just “showed up” by the water garden. Most asters that I’ve seen are light lavender or periwinkle. I’ve never seen one this deep fuschia color.

What a way to brighten my day! I have the most awesome wife!


PS – I don’t know why Blogger has yesterday’s (Thursday, Sept. 18) date on this. I wrote it just now, Friday, September 19, 2008, at about 1 pm MDT. GG


4 thoughts on “What I Had Waiting

  1. Patrick: I’m sorry you feel you can’t come out of the closet and you are lashing out on your gay brothers and sisters.

    Just know that we love you unconditionally and will be here for you when you do feel free enough to admit it.

    And we will forgive your heartless attacks we’ve endured because of your self-hatred.


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