Guess I’ve Arrived

Imagine my surprise when I checked my blog this morning and found 14 comments on my last post! Wow, I’m getting popular, I thought.

Unfortunately, the majority of the comments were from this guy, full of “Biblical” ranting and spewing hate, so had to delete them, and also turn on comment moderation. I’m still not using word verification, though, because I just won’t.

So, please do continue to comment ’cause I LOVE comments, even the nutcase ones. I just won’t be putting up the long, hateful, spammy, space-wasting remarks. If you want to leave a short, succinct, custom-tailored hateful comment, feel free. At least then, I’ll know you’re READING the blog!

Thank and happy Monday,


PS – Thanks Tina for your comment to the nutcase. Love it!


7 thoughts on “Guess I’ve Arrived

  1. Yep! He flamed my website, too.

    I had to delete two posts and add comment moderation, which I’ve never had to do in the 2 years I’ve been blogging.

    I’m wondering if he’s using some sort of spamming software to find LGBT-friendly sites to flame.

    I’m also wondering if he has a real job…or a real live.

    I considered putting a comment on his site, but I’ve learned from watching Hubby Jim on the AOL bulletin boards.

    These folks get off on making other people angry. Don’t satisfy them.

    Just ignore them.

    Blessed Be,
    Michael Bright Crow

  2. I can just picture some lonely loser sitting in his parent’s basement, still living at home in his twenties, jobless, and needing a serious med. adjustment.

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