Tomorrow is Our Wedding Anniversary!!

Or, today, by the time you read this. It’s October 2nd, and it’s been four wonderful years of illegal wedded bliss, and six years of being together. I have a really COOL surprise planned for G. on Monday, but I can’t really write about it here, because while she doesn’t read my blog every day, she DOES read it, and it would be just my luck that she read about her surprise. So, instead, I’m going to bore you with wedding pictures and some narrative. Move on to the next blog if you don’t want to read about a fabulous lesbian wedding!

We were very lucky to have 2 wonderful friends, M&J, who generously offered to host our wedding in their back yard. We both knew we did not want our ceremony inside of any kind of a building. Instead we created a circle, bound about with 7 powerful words: Love, Hope, Faith, Trust, Passion, Joy, and Truth. We figured if we had those, we wouldn’t do too badly for the rest of our lives!

I painted the plaques, and we decided on the wind chimes and wind sprials to add a little bit of sound and color–not that you need much else in Colorado in October!

I also wrote most of the ceremony, basing it in a combination of Pagan/native faith, and using the 4 directions. I asked 4 of our friends to “call” each direction to the circle to create the space. Below is South:

We welcomed all our friends who had come. It was very emotional for me, because I was just so happy to be sharing this very special time with people who were my friends, her friends, and friends of the two of us, who would now all know each other through us. I was so incredibly happy that day. I’ll never forget it!

We each wrote our vows, spoke them, and exchanged beautiful handmade, wooden wedding rings that had been made in England, with specially chosen woods.

Then, of course, the fun part–kissing the bride!

Then, again thanks to M&J (who are no longer together, but still remain our mutual friends), we all headed into their house for our wonderful potluck wedding feast. On our invitations:

we had specifically requested no gifts, but just that each guest bring one of their favorite “special” dishes to share. I cooked a beef brisket the night before, and M. grilled some of her famous ribs, and the rest was truly a culinary adventure! We really splurged on our wedding china:

And J. made the wedding “creampuff cake” to G’s specifications:

GS1, then only 4, really enjoyed everything!

And, of course, we even had to have the wedding dog!

We hired a local performing duo, The Bad Girls of the North, to play, and once they got going, it seemed like the whole little town of Beulah, CO, showed up to party with us:

And how can you have a wedding without a granny dance?

One of the best “gifts” we got was that my dear friend V. and her boyfriend D. came down from Denver to attend. D. is a really good guy, but because of a severe head injury in his 20s, can be a litte “strident” in discussion of things like, oh, gays and lesbians, etc. She told me he had whined and whined about being “dragged” to a lesbian wedding, but he’s also quite a musician and when he realized there was a band, he asked if he could play and ended up dedicating the most beautiful song to us:

Afterwards, as they were leaving, he hugged me and whispered that he had never had more fun at a wedding than he had at ours. See, we lesbians know how to party!

So, now it’s 4 years later, and, although I never thought it was possible, I love my wife even more now than I did that day. We have such a wonderful life together, it’s sometimes difficult to even remember when she wasn’t here with me.

I wish all of you the love and happiness that we have found together. She is truly a blessing in my life.

Happily married,



13 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Our Wedding Anniversary!!

  1. Congratulations! It looks like you had a beautiful ceremony and judging from what I read on here, you have a beautiful life together. I hope Monday is very special for both of you!

  2. How beautiful!! I am so happy that you posted this. You are awesome and I want wooden rings too!

    BTW that cream puff cake looks delicious..

  3. Congratulations!! You look so happy and in love… I love hearing about stable, healthy, long-term relationships in the lesbian community, it really makes all those negative connotations seem so insignificant in the end…

  4. Thank you all for your comments. It’s been wonderful reliving those memories, and knowing we’ll have the rest of our lives together to make more.

    Here’s to all of you!


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