Try Not to be Distracted

Political ads. TV commercials. Debates. You-tube videos. Past associations being raked over the coals. Smear campaigns. He said/she said/he said.

It’s all distraction, people. DISTRACTION.

Per “Wikipedia”, distraction is: “…the diversion of attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction…”

So, what is YOUR “chosen object of attention”? Is it the economy? The war in Iraq? GLBT issues? Hunger and poverty?

Whatever it is, you can be sure that “the media” and also the Republican party (yes, I’m biased here and I freely admit it) will try to distract you from it. They will bring up $400.00 haircuts. They will bring up ministers who sling racial preachings. They will bring up whatever it takes to get your mind OFF the horrible job they have done with and to this country over the past 8 years.

So, I give you THIS wonderful site:

Go here. Put in a candidate’s name. Not just the presidential guys, but the congressperson or sentator from your state. Choose from a HUGE category off issues….the REAL issues, and see how they voted–or IF they voted.

Then, make your choice. Yes, it takes a little work. But isn’t being educated about who you vote for worth it?

I think so.

Good luck to us all.



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