Lots Going On

It’s already a busy week. Sunday was my one day off, and we went fishing early with our 2 new grandkids–a girl 10, and another little boy, age 3. We are already “Grammas” to them, and they seem to really get along well with the boys. Most of the time, they are with their mother in Colorado Springs, but come down alternate weekends. That was fun, a little cool, and will probably be the last fishing for this year.

I worked yesterday to make up for being off this upcoming Saturday for my next class in my shamanic studies. I had skipped this class the last time because it was only a couple of months after I got back from Spain, and life was totally chaotic then. Things have calmed down a lot since then, for which I am completely grateful.
In addition to working yesterday, I took G. up to COS (aka Colorado Springs) to the hospital for her to donate autologous blood for her surgery, in case she needs a transfusion. It was definitely a wintery day in Colorado, cloudy, overcast, drizzly, with bright yellow leaves contrasted against the gray sky on the way up and pasted on the streets and sidewalks in the drizzle in Springs. Winter is just around the corner. After we got back G. pretty much slept most of the rest of the day, and I worked. Quiet.
Did I mention we pick up the boys from school now? Oh. We pick up the boys from school now. They love coming here, of course, and they’re only here for a couple of hours before mom comes to get them, but it’s nice to keep up with what they are doing in school. They are learning not to come down here if I am still working.
We have a MASSIVE harvest of bell peppers, still getting tomatoes, and have a pumpkin patch ripening in the house to keeps them from the ravenous squirrels. Pictures may follow, but not certain when.
I am staying away from nearly ALL TV and election “news”, and am so much happier. I hope to early vote this week and then I’ll be done with it, and the divvil take the hindmost, as they say in Scotland.
And, finally, I need to make bread, grocery shop, and make up some some of my magic skin oil for G.’s scar after surgery, and also send some to a friend of mine in GA who will be having radiation for early breast cancer. I made some for myself when I had a lump removed in 2000. I just drizzled the oil on my Steri-strips and when I went back for my 1-week check up, the doctor had to do a double take, because the incision was almost completely healed already. It’s great stuff for the skin!
Plus I have homework due for my class this weekend.
Busy, busy, hope you all are well!

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