There Are Some Commercials That I Just HATE

They’re not badly done commercials. I just despise the messages they send. There is one in particular is for Progressive Car Insurance. In this comercial, a nicely-dressed, thin, blonde woman comes into the “Progressive Store” and talks to the rather hyperactive young “progressive” lady clerk. The customer says she hasn’t “shopped” for insurance in a while, and want to see if she has good coverage. The lady clerk says that Progressive has a feature where they can look at all the competitors and check their rates against Progressive’s rates.

All fine and good, right? Sure, great feature. Makes me want to go to Progressive and “shop” for insurance. Sh..yeah, right.

Anyway, this big marquee board comes up with lots of numbers flipping around for another customer, comparing HIS rates. When the number stop flipping, his current rate for insurance is shown as $905.00. Progressive’s rate for (presumably) the same coverage is $501.00. That’s a savings of $324.00. Let me spell that out: THREE HUNDRED TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS.

The thin, blonde, professionally-dressed female (TBPFDF) customer looks at the hyperactive lady (HL) clerk. The HL clerk looks at TBPFDF customer and kind of smirks, like, “See?”

And THEN, the TBPFDF customer says, “That’s a new pair of shoes!”


How about 2 weeks’ worth of groceries? How about half a mortgage payment? How about a nice extra payment on the high-interest credit card you probably use to buy your THREE HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLAR SHOES? Or, hey, HERE’S a concept, why not put it in a savings account?

But no…the message is–buy shoes, don’t save, don’t pay the NECESSARY bills and help yourself a little bit, but just buy, buy, buy. Hey, I have nothing against shoes. I love shoes, and I don’t buy cheap shoes because I don’t have cheap feet…but…if I got $324.00 back on my car insurance there are about 2,478 things I could think of to use it for besides ONE pair of shoes.

And we wonder why we are in a financial crisis.

Ye gods.



5 thoughts on “There Are Some Commercials That I Just HATE

  1. Don’t be so results-oriented. The adventure is not in the destination but in the journey. We don’t buy shoes just to have shoes. We buy shoes because that is the side-effect of shopping for shoes!

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “results oriented”. My point was the sublininal message about spend, spend, spend, not on what you might really need, but just because you have money, and certainly not to be happy about having extra money on hand just to save.

    On the other hand, if the adventure is in the destination, then I guess you need good shoes 😉

  3. Hear what you’re saying GG. I HATE TV ads and if I’m watching a channel that has adverts I mute the telly when the damn things come on. I’ve done that for years. Unwanted noise!
    And yes, I can think of at least 2,478 things to spend that kind of money on. Did you see my recent shoe issue? A similar amount of money too – £276! QRx

  4. I hear what you’re saying. I’m trying to save, but it’s a little difficult when the price of almost everything is going up.

  5. I had the exact same reaction when I saw that. It’s ludicrous, and in these economic times it’s a joke that falls way, way flat.

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