Summer On A Plate

This was my lunch today:

Heirloom yellow flame tomatoes on homemade bread. I could taste summer with every bite. The tomato plants are all history now, with temps dipping into the 20s here, but we’ve got nearly half a bushel of green tomatoes in the garage slowly turning to ripe, summery redness and yellowness. If we’re lucky, I’ll be able to put fresh tomatoes on the table at Thanksgiving.

And I will be very thankful!

Happy eating,



4 thoughts on “Summer On A Plate

  1. LOL — that looks yummy!

    Jess has a bunch of green ones fighting to be red too.

    …sigh.. how quickly it all went by.

  2. I cannot wait for gina and I to plant our veggie garden next year. We have defined our space and its just sitting there waiting for us!


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