A Little Sore

It was a great 3-day weekend. Since I swapped out Saturday for working last Monday, I had my class, then got Monday off to “relax”. What I ended up doing was starting to work on taking the grass out of the front yard, digging up by hand, with a shovel. That’s a pretty tough job, and today I am a little sore, but surprisingly, not as sore as I thought I would be. We are doing this so that next year we can plant more veggies, hopefully for the neighborhood, if they catch on. We’d like folks, anyone we know, really, not just near by neighbors, to just buy and donate a package of seeds for anything they want planted. Then, we’ll plant, grow, and tend it all, and when harvest time comes, anyone is welcome to help pick. I think it’s a pretty good offer.

The political election is, of course, going to have a pretty strong outcome, which ever way it goes, but for me, the phrase, “tend your own garden” has a many-layered meaning. I feel strongly, and have always felt, that ANYTHING that is imposed from the outside, regardless of the great intentions behind the imposition (i.e. “democracy on Iraq”), is never willingly accepted. Remember, democracy was not IMPOSED upon America…the leaders conceived of the concept, nurtured it along, and had to get it to GROW from within. Between 1776 and 1812, what was “America” very nearly did not happen.

But, again, I digress. This is about OUR garden, about us taking care of OUR little corner of the world, making it beautiful, safe, and welcoming to others. Making it fertile and productive. Making it a haven and a sanctuary for birds, for bees, for other little critters.

I deeply believe that if we all did that–all over the world, from here to the UK to the EU to the UAE, to Israel, to Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Russia, Viet Nam, Korea (N&S), Japan, and Australia., if all of us tended our gardens, and let others tend theirs, we would be a lot better off.

Tend your gardens!



One thought on “A Little Sore

  1. Well hey that sounds really good. How about some acorn squash?

    I have a question for you regarding your job. I’m looking for some part time work and am wondering if you have any words of advice on how to get into what you do? You can email me if I am not being just way too nosy.

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