Spiders, Anyone?

Mostly, I like spiders. They’re clean, they eat other kinds of creepy crawly things and the pretty much stay out of the way. As I type this, I realize that there is a TEENY little spider crawling on my monitor. I’m going to let it stay because my motto is if there’s a spider around, there’s probably something there for the spider to eat, and I’d rather have the spider eat it than spray poison and breathe that.

This summer we had a cat-head spider take up residence on the front porch. Every night, she would come out, tidy up her web, and sit in wait for the nightly crop of insects. In the morning, she would be tucked up under one of the pergola cross-pieces, and there she would wait out the heat of the day.

One evening when the boys were over, we got to watch her catch a small moth and wrap it up neatly in a web for her “snack”. The little guys were fascinated. She’s gone now, with the first frost, but I hope she left an egg sac somewhere, and that we’ll have her offspring in the garden next year.

We also have fuzzy jumping spiders around. They don’t actually build webs, but just string 1 thread to hold on to, and from there jump out and grab their prey. I saw one on the screen door one afternoon, and it seemed a little odd shaped, so I took a closer look. Darn thing had a nice, big fly in its hooks. Go, spider! I hate flies.

We also have tarantulas out here, but I have never seen one anywhere close to the house–only out in the “wilds” crossing the road. I HAVE however, found a black widow in the house. It was the first time I had ever seen one in person, and believe me, they are very easy to spot. I’m sorry, but that one had to go.

I guess the little critter on my computer screen inspired this post, along with the fact of Halloween being tomorrow. Just remember the next time you see a spider–they are actually doing you a favor by being there, so if you can’t allow it in the house, at least just put it outside on a bush–unless it’s poison, and then all bets are off.

Arachnophilically yours,



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