Happy BOO! Day

First things first:

That’s a Halloween wall hanging that G. made earlier this year, it’s machine embroidered, and then each one of those squares is put together like a window pane, then she bound it with the darker and multi-colored fabric.

This year, we decided we wanted to decorate the porch for fall/Halloween. We started with:

this big, rubber bat that I found somewhere a couple of years ago. I love bats! Then, a few weeks ago, at Cr@cker B@rrel of all places, I found these:

cute little spiders–they’re metal and quite sturdy. On the springs, the bounce up and down, but G. secured them with fishing line, so none of them can be pulled down by curious hands (grandchildren). Then, we were shopping at R@ss and we saw this:

I just love her! I may have to keep her up in my office after Halloween is over. Finally, we went to a garage sale not too long ago and found THIS:

and how could be pass that up? I mean, doesn’t everyone need a screaming skull wreath? Yes, it’s motion activated and it screams when you walk past it. And the skulls’ eyes light up, as you can see in the picture. In addition to that great thing, we got this:

The wooden antlers had broken off, so G. replaced them with a set of real ones that she had. (How could you NOT love a woman who comes with her own set of antlers?) Now all we have to do is add a few candles and sparkly effects:

And the whole thing comes together quite nicely, dog and all:

Tomorrow night, we plan to be sitting out on the porch with our witch hats and scary cackles, frightening the kiddies and giving out candy. Stop by if you want!

Trick or treat!!

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