There’s A Kind of Hush…

I went outside today during my lunch break. Normally, here in Pueblo there is always some kind of air moving, from a light breeze to gale force winds depending on the weather.

This afternoon, the sky was overcast, and the world seemed cast in the quiet, muted colors of autumn, dull golds, dusty yellows, tans, and buffs. A few last butterflies lingered on the one mum plant that still has flowers, and all around me, the very air seemed to be holding its breath, waiting, waiting, waiting.

It was as if the planet itself knew we are on the verge. I have not given much time here to political subjects, but never doubt that I know the importance of this election. Today, it truly felt as if the world under my feet was waiting for us to make a momentous decision–breathlessly hoping, if you will, that we might choose a direction that will help our world feel, if not safe from our onslaughts, at least a bit less fearful to have us living on her body.

The wind is still not blowing as I write this. I hope that later tonight the world will sense, without the benefit of electronic and manual calculating devices, that we have made the RIGHT choice and that it will breathe again, let out a soft sigh of relief, and continue its dance around the sun, and that we can dance with it, for joy and relief.

Fingers crossed,


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