There’s Not Much..

…I can really do about this whole “gay marriage” thing. I put that in quotes because there should be no division between “gay” or “straight” marriage. If 2 consenting adults want to get married, then they ought to be able to GET MARRIED.

Period. Full stop.

As I have blogged before, NOTHING in the Constitution of the United States speaks to this. No where in that document does it say “one man, one woman”. No.

There are prostest marches in every state today. The closest one to me is in Denver, 120 miles away. Did I not have to work, and were G not just out of surgery, it’s possible that we might have gone. But, we’re not. So, I just blog again about how silly this whole thing is.

Constitutionally, LEGALLY, there is nothing against ANY 2 consenting adults marrying, as long as they are not related. Not pets, not children, not inanimate objects as some folks are so happy to leap to those bizarre conclusions. Just 2 consenting adults loving each other and wanting to legally and publically commit to one another.

The last I checked, the U.S. Constitution trumped pretty much everything else as far as the LAW goes.

Just sayin’.



2 thoughts on “There’s Not Much..

  1. There’s a silly thing called the Tenth Amendment, goes like this:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Unfortunately, the several States are reserving the power to define marriage to themselves, and the Defense of Marriage Act allows States to refuse recognition of same-sex marriage in other states. So the first step is to repeal DOMA.

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