I Stronly Urge You…

Zantac. Zyrtec. Xanax. Zyprexa. Celexa. Zithromax. Maxzide. Fluocinonide.

Do you know what these drugs are? What they do? The difference between them?

Milligrams. Micrograms. Milliliters. Milliequivalents. MDI.

Do you know the amounts? The difference? The effects of confusing one with the other?

Hypertension. Hypothyroidism. Hiatal hernia.

Do you know which is deadly? Which is chronic? Which is possibly correctable with surgery?

These are things I type every day. I actually DO know what they are, and so do the doctors. But I’m the lucky one that gets to decipher the heavily accented, or lazily slurred, or yawned or mumbled words that the majority of the doctors I type for so very, VERY disrespectfully dictate every day.

Not disrespect to ME. No. Truthfully, I personally could not care less how a doctor dictates, although the machine-gun-talkers and the drunk-sounding slurring ones really drive me NUTS. I can actually forgive the ESL (English as a 2nd language) docs–they have an uphill battle.

But when American born and educated doctors cannot take the time to correctly SAY a medication or a dosage, or a condition, it is THEIR OWN PATIENTS that they are not only disrespecting, but possibly endangering.

As a transcriptionist, I NEVER guess on a medication or a dosage. If Dr. Super Surgeon YAWNS through his milligrams or micrograms, and I am not 100% sure, I leave a blank. This might mean a black mark for me, but Dr. SS’s patient is NOT going to get the wrong dosage of medication or the WRONG medication because of me. Nope. Not gonna happen.

So, I urge you, the next time you go to your doctor, ask him or her if he or she has ever considered how their dictation of YOUR chart note might affect your care.

It could give them pause for thought.

I thank you.



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