Being Grumpy

I have Mondays off. Today, G and I had some errands to run–stuff to the post office to be mailed, trip to the craft store to look for some fabric for another quilt project that she is working on, visit to the health food store to pick up a few things, etc. This seemed like a very innocuous list of things to do, but somehow it turned into the trip from hell, and I’m not sure why. I am beginning to wonder if working from home can cause agoraphobia. Well, I guess agoraphobia is not quite the word, because I’m not AFRAID to leave home, I have just become completely intolerant of the ignorant idiots I seem to consistently encounter when I leave the safety and comfort of my own house.

Maybe it’s just the contrast. When I was doing paralegal work, and being the sole support for 3 busy attorneys, and answering all the phone calls, and doing all the filing, etc., etc., etc., I dealt with moronic, rude people all the time, every day, pretty much every time I picked up the telephone. So, maybe I just got used to it.

Now, however, I don’t talk on the phone, I’ve got my headphones on from 7 a.m. till I’m done, and I hardly even hear the phone ring. I don’t have to deal with nasty people who came into the office demanding to see the attorneys without an appointment (SERIOUSLY, folks, would you go to your doctor’s office without and appointment–without even CALLING??), and all the other good stuff I had to handle 8 to 9 hours a day. So, maybe I’m out of the habit. There are no “office politics”. My company is HQ’d in Florida. My boss is–maybe she’s in Florida, I don’t even know. My coworkers are scattered across the country, and we communicate via IM, and everyone is invariably polite and helpful to one another. There’s no “cattiness”, no back biting, no jockeying for any kind of favoritism or position. Frankly, it’s damn near perfect.

Which is why, I suppose, that when I go out into the cruel world, it really just slaps me upside the head. Bad drivers, tail-gaters, people who can’t seem to see that G. is USING A WALKER FOR GOD’S SAKE AND CAN’T YOU SLOW DOWN FOR JUST TEN SECONDS to let her cross the parking lot? All that silly little stuff that I just to just shrug off that for some reason today just sent me right through the roof.

Of course, I’m going into the 3rd WEEK of my period, so that might have a WEE bit to do with it (I know, TMI, sorry), but it just seems like when I leave the house now, which is rare, the that whole world is headed straight to hell on greased rails. I have no answers.

G. has her 1st follow up appointment with the doctor on Wednesday to get her staples out, so between now and then, I need a major attitude adjustment. She tells me I am making her too nervous to even be in the car, and that’s got to change.

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Being Grumpy

  1. “I have just become completely intolerant of the ignorant idiots I seem to consistently encounter when I leave the safety and comfort of my own house.”

    Welcome to Curmudgeons Not-so-anonymous.

    I completely agree with you.

    Bright Crow

  2. Are you familiar with Bill Hicks? He does a great routine about being a sort of “hate camel” and that once in a while he has to mingle among the general population to refill his “hump”.

    Not that you sound hateful in your post, but it just sort of made me think of that.

    People can be such idiots sometimes.

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