Happy Thanksgiving and A Moment of Silence

The crankiness seems to have lifted. Not sure if it’s planetary, hormonal, or gravitational, but I feel better. For this, on Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful.

We will have a quiet Thanksgiving here. Our lovely neighbors, R&R, who have been incredibly kind and accepting of us, have invited us down to their house for the big meal. I think we will walk, now that G. got her staples out and got the green light to do activites “as tolerated”.

My daughter is doing her own meal with new hubby and his 2 kids along with hers. She just got diagnosed with wrist tendinitis, so she decided to buy a pre-cooked meal from one of the grocery stores, so I’m sure that will be fun for them. I’m glad she’s starting her own traditions. Maybe next year, I’ll feel more like cooking for all of us.

I’m completely thankful for my job here at home (and I must get back to it!), happier in my relationship than I’ve ever been, proud of my daughter, love my grandkids, and hopeful for our country now with a new leader.

Despite what the media continue to tell us, we ARE doing well here, so turn off the TV, fold up the newspaper, and just enjoy being right where you are, right now. Savor a quiet of a moment of true gratitude.

Thank you.



3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and A Moment of Silence

  1. What a special holiday people all over seem to be pulling out of their hat in these dark times of economic and civil unrest.

    So glad you enjoyed your day, GG!

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