Great Minds…

Is it true that couples start to morph into each other after a certain amount of time together? I mean, even when we first met, G and I were on a particular “wavelength” and as we have lived and loved together, now sometimes, it seems like we are becoming telepathic–like the dream she had about going on a train ride the morning of the day I took her on a SURPRISE train ride!

Which brings me to the print. I have a signed print by a local artist from my HMO days that I got when I worked on an art auction for the local PBS station and my company sponsored one of the auction nights. It’s a cool print, a winter scene of 2 Indians riding off into a snowy forest beside a stream trickling along. Very peaceful.

G. has mentioned a number of times how much she LOVES that print, so I thought…hey, getting that framed and up on the wall would be a great Christmas present. We LOVE art, and are always rotating ours so we can enjoy all of it.

So, I went to my favorite frame and craft store in early November, and arranged to get it all matted, framed, etc, and pay for it, and have THEM hold it at the store for me, because with me home and her home after the surgery, it’s really HARD for me to get anything that big hidden. So, all done, all good.

Two years ago in November, when I quit my paralegal job, G and I decided to spend Thanksgiving in Santa Fe, NM. The way that we drive there is on “back roads” that take us through Taos, NM, one of our favorite places, which also happens to have this fabulous antique map store. I ADORE old maps, and since one of the reasons for my leaving the paralegal job was to get ready for my trip to Spain, I wanted a map of same. We managed to find a REALLY cool antique map, hand colored in some areas, and printed by a company in London in 1811 or 1812.

Like so many folks, we got the map home and it promptly went up into the closet (flat and well protected by foam board).

Do you see where this is going? A week or so ago, G asks me if the map is still up there. Like, where else would it be? But, I get it down for her, and with my apparently negative short-term memory, promptly forget about doing so.

Yesterday, G. (who is doing FABULOUS with her knee-hab) went over to her bud’s house to do some quilting and was gone all day. When she got home, she was really, really cold, and the weather was changing, and she was just kind of moping about. I came up from work, and she was shivering under blankets, about to take a hot bath, when she said, “Well, I can’t get it into the house, so you’re just going to have to help me, and so Merry Christmas.” taking me totally off guard. I was a bit nonplussed (oohh, I really get to use that word!), so went out to the car with her and there was my map! All framed BEAUTIFULLY and just perfect.

Having totally forgotten about her recent inquiry about it, I was stunned. Then, as I was carrying it into the house, I asked her where she had got it framed, and she said the same place I had got HERS framed. I just burst out laughing all the way into the house, and she naturally got her curiosity piqued, so after I got the map hung up beside my bed, I told her that if she wanted to, we could go BACK to the hobby store and get HER present, which I had framed! So we did:

Now, I imagine we will have some “stocking stuffers” and some other, smaller surprises, but after this, I feel like I’m in a better version of “The Gift of the Magi” where everything works out and everyone is happy.

What better way to start off the “holidaze“??



2 thoughts on “Great Minds…

  1. That is so awesome! I love reading about your love story. I love the frames that both of you chose, perfect for the art that they hold.

    Here’s to a very happy holidaze 😉

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