Well, not really, but I am typing this on my new Microsoft 4000 ergonomic keyboard with a 7 degree negative slope:

It’s sleek, it’s gorgeous, the spacebar key right now is a little stiff so I am going to have to use it for “play” for a while till I really get used to it, but I am picking up speed already–and except for the space bar, it’s way quieter than my other one. AND, it plugs into the FRONT of the computer with a USB cable so if I want to, I can hold it on my lap when I type. I know, I am one of those weird people who actually like to hold the keyboard on the lap to type.

I discovered this by accident when I was working for the HMO and had a desk with a keyboard tray that tilted down and AWAY from me which actually made my fingers lower than my wrists which is the way they are supposed to be naturally. The tray was also very low, so that it almost sat on my knees when I was typing. I’ve never been able to find another keyboard or tray that I could tilt like that till now!

And, of course, this is all due to my sweetie–I saw this keyboard in an office store, and pointed it out to her as somthing I might like for Christmas (she TELLS me to do this because she SAYS she can’t ever think of things I would like–yeah, right!). Anyway, she then went home and found the darn thing online for half the sale price of the other one, even with shipping!

Can’t beat that with a stick!

My baby is the best!



One thought on “Surprise!

  1. Oy!

    Walhydra wants to know if they make one for lefthanders who have ulnar nerve problems in the right hand.


    Good for you, though. I’m happy you’ve got it.


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