Christmas Came Early Today!

Woke up to dark, snow, and ice this morning. Still feeling yukky, and not wanting even to walk downstairs to work, but what do you do? I worked till around 11 am, then had to come up for something to eat. I felt sick to my stomach and food didn’t sound good, but I had to eat. I cooked some rice, but even that made me feel queasy, so I just pulled a yogurt out of the fridge. G. was buzzing around doing her usual whirlwind cleaning tour of the house, and the sun had decided to come out, so she went to the front door and saw there was a box there. SHE obviously knew what it was…so she got a knife and handed it to me to open. After I opened the packing box, this was inside:

Yes, it was a “Telluride Truffle“–whatever THAT was! But the big sign on the outside of the packing box had said “CHOCOLATE” so that didn’t leave much doubt. So….anticipating the end result, I opend the triangular package:

And THEN, pulled on the neatly-tied gold ribbon bow…to reveal…

The Fourteener”. A pound of truffles divided into 14 distinct flavors, all hand made, gourmet chocolate!! For those of you who may not know, Telluride is in Colorado, and a “fourteener” is a mountain over 14,000 feet tall. Colorado has 54 of them. Trust me, each one of those pieces is a more than ample for 2. We will be in chocolate heaven for quite some time.

And my baby says she just can’t think of any way to surprise me!!


PS–it’s in the fridge till my tummy feels better. Even chocolate didn’t cheer it up today…ugh! 😦


One thought on “Christmas Came Early Today!

  1. OMG your wife is so sweet!! 🙂

    Oh and that truffle looks yummy! 😀

    I hope you snap out of this funk/sickness soon!

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