The Blahs

Is it the weather? The time of year? The last 2 days have been nothing but blah, except when I was feeling totally YUKKY with some kind of “thing”. No idea what. Sunday, I got up feeling pretty well and puttered till G. got up–later than usual. A friend who we’ve not seen in a while called and we decided to meet for coffee/breakfast at our favorite coffee shop. All was fine. Then, a local historic B&B here has been taken over by the brother-in-law of Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club and other novels, and they were having an open house, so we decided to go.

Don’t know if I got too hot, there were too many people, I hadn’t drunk enough water, or if I suddenly got hit with a virus, but I barely made it home. I was wracked with chills and just felt awful. My stomach hurt, but not anywhere localized, and I just could not get warm. I had to crawl in bed under tons of blankets and just shake. It was horrible. G. did some puttering in the yard for a bit, and I finally dozed off. Later she went and got me some soda, which I managed to drink about half a glass. I spent the rest of the night just up and down. I finally got warm, then too hot, then I got up and read till I was sleepy, then dropped off, then woke up. UGH.

So, today was recovering from all that. Plus, we were sitting around waiting for a snow/rain storm to hit, so not much got done. I did 3 loads of laundry and finished my book. Took G. to her PT appointment, and dropped books at the libary. Whoop, whoopee!

I guess you need a “weekend” like that every now and then, but I feel completely discombobulated and not particularly rested, even though I actually did very little the last 2 days. Maybe that’s the problem.

Now it’s raining/snowing, the temperature has dropped drastically, and once again, I am so grateful not to have to drive anywhere in the morning when I go to work.

Despite the blahs, all is well.



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