Christmas Funny from the Grandson

When I first met G, she “had no use” for the holidays. In her previous relationship, this time of year was just an exuse for those around her to get drunker, and then it was “obligatory” that she spend large sums of money on jewelry, etc. because it was “expected”. So, after we got together, I played the holiday stuff very low-key, mainly ’cause that’s how I am. I was never real big on decorating and I personally like very small trees (story on why later). And I don’t wear jewelry, so no troubles there.

As the years have gone by, she has got more and more into the decorating, and we have a tradition of buying an ornament whenever we travel somewhere, so now we have a pretty nice collection of unique ornaments with great stories behind them. Last year, she really wanted to “do up” the house, up to and including the bathroom. She even went all out with something very similar to this:

No, I am not kidding. But, the trouble was, the top cover WOULD NOT stay up at all with the cover as above, so she turned it around and put it on with the seatcover up. Happy little Santa in the bathroom.

A few days after she did all this, the boys came over and were at the house for a while. When their mother called saying she was going to pick them up, I told them to make sure they went to the bathroom beforehand (typical grandparent, eh?). GS2 went in to the BR and was out in a few minutes bouncing around the living room as usual. GS1 went in to do his thing and was there for a while. No noise. Nothing. A bit later he comes out and finds me. He had a very strange look on his face.

“Gramma,” he said, “Can you take that thing off the toilet? I can’t pee in front of Santa!”

Oh my! I nearly bit my cheeks raw, but I didn’t laugh. I just went and removed our bathroom Santa, and all was well.

That is one “Christmas memory” that will stay forever!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Funny from the Grandson

  1. OMG….too funny…I have a cover nearly like the one in your picture, but it’s not on yet, I just can’t seem to get into decorating this year.

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