Gratitude 101

This morning I was happy to wake up to a day off, to sun sparkling on snow; to a temperature that was 5 below zero, but found me in a warm house, just getting out of a warm bed. I was happy to have our perfect little tree sitting on the table, still waiting to be decorated, but lovely in its simple and fragrant “tree-ness”.

I was grateful for the smell of fresh coffee brewing as I did some exercises on the little “rebounder” trampoline that we use when it’s cold or icy to go outside. I was happy to be off today, as I watched the cars on the highway on the other side of the part across the street. I was so grateful not to have any commute other than down the stairs.

I savored the perfectly ripe pear that I cut to go along with my morning Power Bar and cup of coffee. I cherished the soft sounds of G still sleeping in the bedroom, and found myself perfectly amazed at this perfect life I have created for myself.

I found myself being completely grateful for having enough–enough hot water in the shower, enough food in the house, enough money in the bank, enough love to spill over into the world, enough yard to plant for great gardens next year, enough cold to be thankful for warmth, enough heat in the summer to really love the winters.

I was so thankful for all my friends, near and far, thankful that my daughter met and married a man she loves and who seems to love her and her kids as well as his own. I was thankful that the boys now have a life that supports them instead of tosses them into chaos and fear.

But mostly, I was just so happy and content to sit on the couch, loving my life, and knowing that my wife would be up in a few minutes and I would be able to get her a cup of coffee so that her day would start off just has well as mine had.

I wish you all the joy and gratitude for your lives that I felt in mine this morning.



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