We are hell-bent on paying off bills right now. I’m down to 1 credit card that has only the remainder of our trip to Taos, NM back in July and my daughter’s wedding dress which she will never wear on it.

We have the L0we’s CC with the new stove on it–half paid off.

We have a painting we are paying on that we got in Taos–more than half paid off.

We are making payments on a car for my daughter (long story, but I’d rather make the payments than 1) lose a friend and 2) have her family end up on the street because no one can get to a job). If we’re lucky, she’ll pay off the balance with her taxes.

I have 1 more shaman class to pay for by the end of January.

Yesterday, I got an email from my Tr@velocity Fare Watcher that I could get a RT flight from Denver to London for $420.00.







2 thoughts on “SIGH

  1. Nice, Lori…but in order for me to get to either coast, it would probably cost me more than the ticket to London! However, for now, I am just going to stay home and enjoy dreaming…

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