Ten Things I Love about "F"

Blog-surfing the other day, and I ran up on this place and post. I was intrigued and commented that I would like a letter to write on. Shortly, I received an e-mail inviting me to expound on the things I love that start with the letter “F”. Oh, I can just hear you all now! So, got it all out of your system? Good, ’cause here goes:

No, I am not a pyro, but since it’s about 18 degrees F outside right now, and that’s the HIGH for the day, a nice fire would feel pretty darn good. I love sitting out by our fire pit on a less frigid evening, and having a fire, talking about everything and nothing, roasting marshmallows with the boys, just gazing into the flames, etc. Fire is definitely a good thing in the right circumstances, and the smell of woodsmoke in G’s hair is a definite turn on. Which takes me to….


I’d almost rather kiss than do anything else. Maybe it’s nuts, but there’s pretty much nothing that turns me on more than a sweet, soft, moist kiss with just the right amount of tongue and luscious intention behind it. I’m a sucker, I melt, I swoon, I ooze. French kissing a woman is the most incredible, amazing, intoxicating, arousing thing I have experienced in my life. It’s all things sweet and wonderful, and soft, and delicious, spicy and sexy wrapped up in one lip-locked package. I highly recommend it!


Ok, are you back with me now? If I can’t wallow in the luxury of a delightful French kiss, then I absolutely lurrrve me some foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is not massage, although there is some massage involved in the “warm up” phase. It’s an energy work system that proposes that there’s a spot somewhere on each of your feet that corresponds to the major physical systems of the body, heart, lungs, intestines, etc. Since the soles of the feet contain over 7,000 nerve endings, this isn’t as “woo-woo” as it sounds. I’ve been going to a foot reflexologist for 15 years, and I know she has kept me sane and out of the hospital on many an occasion. Plus, I have an out-of-body experience every time I visit her. Definitely worth it! (P.S. The foot in the above photo is NOT mine!)


What is NOT to love about fudge? Whether it’s fudge frosting on a yellow cake, or the fudge made with marshmallow creme and nuts, shown above, or a small slice of heaven from a gourmet chocolate shop, a piece of fudge is an opportunity to indulge in richness that you just can’t get for the price anywhere else. My favorite? Dark chocolate fudge swirled with mint. UMMMMM!


And I don’t mean the movie, though I love that, too. If you’ve never had fried green tomatoes on a hot summer day, with a little Tabasco sauce or ranch dressing, well, you have missed out on a culinary delight that’s easy to come by. Green tomatoes have a completely different flavor than their ripe sisters–slightly tart, but very fresh. They’re also great grilled without any breading, so those of you who shun the good grease and cornmeal of Southern cooking can eat them and feel superior. Either way they are FAN-tastic!


I’m an extremely tactile person. If something doesn’t “feel right” I can’t have anything to do with it. If it’s soft and fuzzy, like the above scarf, I’m all over it. G. makes fun of me because in cold weather, I wrap myself in layers and layers of soft, silky or fuzzy kinds of clothes and she has to work to find me! I love the fuzziness of our dog when she gets back from the groomers. I love fuzzy slippers, fuzzy lap robes, fuzzy blankets and sweaters. What I hate is something the LOOKS fuzzy, but is really scratchy. THAT sets my teeth on edge!


G says that since she has known me, she has eaten more fruit than she had eaten in her entire life up till then. I love fruit–fresh fruit. There’s nothing better than going out in the morning and picking a bowl full of fresh strawberries out of the yard–well, standing in the yard and just eating them right off the plants is just a TEENY bit better! I love all kinds of fruit, but right now, I’m finding myself drawn to pears. Pears can be tricky–not ripe enough, and it’s like trying to eat a rock, too ripe, and the mushy texture makes me gag. But a just-right, just-juicy-enough pear, oh, man, it’s a fruit experience not to be missed. I have discovered that a pear is almost perfectly ripe if, when you pull off that little grocery store sticker, some of the peel comes away with it. Then you better eat it right then, or it’ll be headed to mush land in just a day or so. Fruit is good, easy to take with you, easy to eat. Eat as much as you want and don’t feel guilty!


I’ve mentioned loving art before, and while buying framed art is nice, I also love just finding out-of-the ordinary things and then finding the perfect frame to put them in so that they become art. For example, a friend of mine once sent me a post card from England while she was visiting. She said that the subject of the card had made her think of me. It took me a while, but I eventually found the perfect frame and matting for that card, and now it’s one of my favorite works of art. My friend M in Australia sent us a wonderfully put together work of art she had made of native “found items”–bark, leaves, feathers, etc. as a gift when we got married. We worked and worked on it, but finally found the right kind of frame (shadowbox), with the perfect background matting to show off M’s creativity to its fullest. The subject of the art is what draws you, but the frame can certainly enhance or detract from it.


First of all, I love food anyway. But I have found that learning about a region’s particular food and cuisine is a great way to find common connections and to make new friends. I love trying new kinds of food, food from all kinds of cultures, etc. I love to ask, if I am in an ethnic restaurant, how they make a particular dish, what give it its unique flavor. I also find the people love to talk about their foods! They are flattered and happy to chat with me about the dish, and then the path is opened for other questions, back and forth. This has happened when I’ve traveled, and it’s happened here at home. Everybody has to eat, so what better way to start a common conversation?



Okay, not the “era”, but the decade that I currently find myself in. I love being in my 50s! They are indeed fabulous, and for so many reasons. I love being able to really speak my mind without worrying about what people think. I love being able to do things how I like with respect to holidays, job searching, continuing education, whatever, without feeling that I have to follow a certain “continuum” of common thought. I love saying “Why not?” when people whine, “Why?”. I love being thought of as “eccentric” if not even “far out”.

So, those are my 10 FAVEorite “F-words”. If you’d like a word to write about, click on the link and ask Hope. Maybe all 26 aren’t taken yet…



2 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love about "F"

  1. I LOVE foot reflexology!!! Mr. EM has given me gift cards for the past couple of years to have it done and it is a truly sublime experience. I’m also a big fan of trying different foriegn cuisine…though no one else is my family is much for it. Mr. EM is coming around though.

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