Happy Merry

Last night, G and I went down the street to our neighbor’s house for their annual Christmas open house. They both cook and bake and go all out. They had had folks dropping in all day. We met up again with one of her cousins and his wife, a really neat couple. We vowed that in 2009, we would all learn how to make tamales, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Then we came home and fixed up the gifts for all 4 of the local grandkids. I realized that I had not gotten 1 particular gift for GS 1, so we ran out to our local W@lgreen’s, which was packed with last-minute shoppers, and actually found exactly what I needed with no fuss.

Drove around for a bit and looked at Christmas lights. Came home and got the kids’ gifts organized, and then opened ours. It seems that G. can only wait until Christmas Eve and no longer to keep gift secrets. Aside from our picture-framing frenzy, I got lots of much-wanted kitching thingies, and she got much-wanted “soft goods”. It was all a great success. The dog got a bag full of catnip mice that she loves to hide around the house.

The kids will be over later on their way to the other set of grandparents for the big meal. We have finger-food goodies from Whole F00ds, and an invite to another friend’s house if we wish.

It was cold outside and warm and cozy inside. There’s food in the fridge, heat in the house, decorations on the tree, and love inside and out.

I wish the same for everyone else in the whole, wide world, if only for this one day.


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