Counting Down, Gearing Up

Monday, the last Monday of 2008, and there’s so much stuff I want to write about and nothing coherent is coming together in my head.

I watched a little “retrospect” of the year this morning and realized how much happier and better off I am when I DON’T watch the news or read the paper. I know that there are so many bad things going on in the world today, but being inundated by all of them from every network, every paper, every magazine, just is not healthy for me. Because, like airplane crashes, they leave out the other side of the story completely–which, for every major airplane crash, there are approximately 137,000 (I’m making the number up, but it’s high) planes that DID NOT CRASH. Umpteen people who made it home ON TIME or made it to gramma’s ON TIME and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED.

Same for the political situation. We’re constantly being fed poison about how bad things are, yet this year, in Pueblo anyway, all the restaurants we’ve been to have been crowded, all the stores have people in them, there are “Hiring” signs up–okay, maybe seasonal jobs, but JOBS.

We seem to be so worried about our restless times, but we are a restless species. Especially in America are we restless. We don’t stick with anything for very long–not jobs, not homes, not cars, certainly not marriages, even though they are “sacred”. Americans are a nation of “leavers”. We left England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, you name it, people have left where their ancestors lives for millenia and came here. But that wasn’t enough. We left the 13 colonies and moved west. We still thirsted for more, so we left again and crossed the Mississippi. When that wasn’t a big enough challenge, we left and crossed the Rocky Mountains. By the time we had bounded the country as we know it today, we couldn’t leave anywhere else, so we started bossing everyone else around and trying to tell everyone what to do, because we thought that since WE had done this, certainly everyone else would want it, too! Right? RIGHT? And if they didn’t want it, we killed them. Or moved them. Or “destabilized” them.

And, finally, for a while, we did the most exciting thing of all, and left the planet, if only for a few moments in the span of things.

So, that’s why I don’t care to wallow in the news. It’s not that I am choosing to be ignorant. Quite the opposite. I want to choose. I want to choose to read or listen to what will help me understand a particular situation, not what will pander to my own baser emotions and inflamme me needlessly. Systemic inflammation is one source of early aging and cell breakdown. As a society we are constantly being inflammed over something, and consequently, this is where we are breaking down as a society.

We don’t ever take the time to step back and really THINK about anything, to really dig into a subject, its history, its roots and come to understand how it came to be, and in that understanding, to really, deeply affect the change we say we want so badly. All real change, ANY real change comes from the root level, the “germ” level if you will.

We are each one of us the germs, the seeds, of society. If we want to see a true and lasting mutation of our world into something better and healthier for all of us, the change MUST start within each of our seedling hearts.

And that’s what I’ll be musing on for the next few days.



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