Happy New Year!

A quiet start to 2009. I am down here waiting for work, but apparently, there has been a big snow storm up where the clinic I transcribe for is, so not many folks showing up to the doctor. That’s okay, it gives me some time to catch up on a few things.

Resolutions. Love ’em or hate ’em, they seem to be part of life if you’re lucky enough to have made it to another January 1! G and I have made a few, and in order to make them “stick”, we decided to do something a little different this year. We subscribe to Body and Soul Magazine, and starting on January 5, they will be having a “challenge” for 35 days for people to sign up, and work on eating habits, exercise, de-toxing, etc. I thought it would be fun to do something like this together. I’ve never really had anyone who was willing to work on this stuff with me, and doing it alone, well, maybe I’d last a week. We are both excited about it. We went to Wh0le F00ds in Colorado Springs last week when she had her knee check up and got lots of good stuff, and I’ve been making some vegetarian dishes that are really good (more on that later).

Oddly, my body seems to be craving more vegetables, more grains (whole grains) and less meat. Normally, it’s the other way around, but with the exception of chicken and some smoked salmon, I really have not wanted to eat meat for about a month now. It seems strange to me, but I’m going to go with it. I’ve got plenty of energy, and my itching has eased up a bit.

I also signed up to start a tai chi class that begins next week. I took tai chi from an instructor right after I moved here about 14 years ago. I LOVED it. Alas, he was from Colorado Springs, and decided he didn’t want to drive to Pueblo for a class, which I couldn’t blame him. I spoke with the woman who’s going to be teaching, and it sounds like we are really on the same page, so I am SO looking forward to this. G. is going to, and I think it will help her knee rehab and her balance.
Last night, we had a quiet NY Eve. I spent too many years working in the hotel/hospitality business and bartending on New Year’s Eve to EVER want to go anywhere on that night. We had watched dogs, house, and mother for some friends down the street this week, and she brought us back a bag of goodies, including noisemakers, from Trader J0e’s in Santa Fe, so we were all set.

This year, I thought it might be fun to do a “partnership” Tarot reading for the coming year. I chose my favorite Zen Tarot cards, and it was very enlightening, pardon the pun. We each picked 6 cards, and lay them out in the spread. When I started to read them, it was pretty amazing how each pair of cards that we had picked separately either fit together or complemented each other. Talk about being “in synch”. All in all it was a very encouraging reading, that really supported a lot of our decisions that we have made regarding house, home, finances, and quality of living for this coming year. I wrote down the cards and positions, so that we can refer back to the reading in the coming months. Again, it was such a gift to have someone with me who wanted to do this, who was interested and who is motivated, as I am, to stay well, whole, and healthy. God, I love my wife!
Given the slow work situation, I am going to make bread today, along with some curried cauliflower and a mushroom barley bake. I’ll post recipes later. For now, I am going upstairs and make a pot of coffee and take a cup to G. who is still in bed. Who knows, maybe I’ll REALLY start the New Year right…wink, wink…


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