Oh, Those Grandsons…

Boys spent the night last night. I was totally FRIED from working since I started a new hospital account this week and could hardly tell my butt from a hole in the ground, so we decided to go out for pizza. On the way, we were talking to the boys about what they’d been doing in school, friends, etc. GS1, who’s now in 3rd grade, said something about a boy…”…I think he’s a LES…bee..an….!” and then just chatted on. I could tell that G. had not heard him, so I kind of steered the chat back to the boy in question, and GS1 reapeated, “I think he might be a LES…bee…an…” He was sitting behind me (I was driving) so I couldn’t see his face. I asked him why he thought that. He said “because he hangs around with all the girls.” G. asked him if he knew what the word “lesbian” meant. He kind of stuttered and fell over himself, but got out, “…a boy who likes boys…”. “Hmmm,” I said, “Well, if I likes boys, why is he hanging out with the girls?”.

“Oh!” said GS1, “I don’t know!” Like he hadn’t thought about that angle of it.

G. took a deep breath to go on into greater detail as she sometimes loves to do, but I just looked at her and said, “Doesn’t need to be pursued any further right now…”, and the subject immediately turned to TV wrestling with no prompting from us.

So, I imagine some time soon, we’ll get around to explaining that the word “lesbian” really has nothing to do with boys at all!

Gotta love grandparenting…



One thought on “Oh, Those Grandsons…

  1. I am a teacher and I remember back to a group of boys I had one year who thought calling each other “homosapien” was a MAJOR insult. They were hurling that word back and forth at each other during a class activity one afternoon and getting mad as hell at each other for using it. I finally said, “What’s the big deal? You’re all homosapiens, I am too.” You could have heard a pin drop and they all just stared open-mouthed at me. I grabbed a dictionary (this was before the internet was in every classroom) and read the definition to them. Funny, they never used that word as an insult again.

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