A "Perfect" Saturday–with update

Got up this morning for my usual routine, showered, etc. in the bathroom. I’m one of those weird people who do not turn on the lights in the morning. I shower, get dressed, and do most of my morning routine pretty much in the dark, with just the lights coming in from the street, the other yards, and the early dawn coming in through the windows. So, I’m out of the shower, half-dressed, in the kitchen filling up the coffee maker with water and I hear water running. NOT the water coming out of the filter pitcher into the coffee maker but down in the basement…dripping heavily–not quite a flood, but close enough since we’ve never had water dripping down there before.

Of course, not only am I half naked and in the dark, I’m not wearing my glasses, so even if I managed to stumble down the stairs, I couldn’t have seen anything anyway. So I run back toward the bedroom to get glasses, clothes and shoes, and realize that the water in the basement is actually coming from the bathroom toilet UPSTAIRS and is dripping down through the floor and the vents. Oh, YAY!

I wake up G as I rush to get dressed, and she beats me to the BR to start plunging and shut off the toliet valve. BLESSEDLY the water is just clear water. I run downstairs with a load of towels to mop. She plunges, I try to tell her where things are leaking–nothing from the pipes apparently, just around where the pipes go through the floor, and then, unfortunately, there was some water in one heating duct. We got that opened and propped so the water would not go into the furnace. Luckily, this was well away from my office here, so no water at all where I’m working, and nothing but the concrete floor and the the throw-rugs really got wet.

But, we will have to call a plumber. On Saturday. SIGH.

So, now I am working on my new account, and there is no work loading. My other (old) account is hemorrhaging work, but I don’t want to switch over till I get the OK from the boss, so have emailed him (the “big” boss, not my supervisior, because she’d just have to ask him anyway). In the meantime, I’m not getting paid.

But the plumber will get paid, that’s for sure, for coming out on a Saturday. In the meantime, I have TravelJohns down here for emergencies. Oh, did I mention we only have 1 bathroom? Yes, we only have 1 bathroom.

So, here is my challenge for today: how to turn this fiasco of events into a tapestry of perfection to revel in. But for now, I’m going to have another cup of coffee, regardless of the plumbing status.

Have a great weekend,


PS – as of 11 am, “Joe the Plumber” is on his way over. I kid you not.


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