Wait, What?

I have been too busy to hardly remember my name these last few days. Working today b/c I’m swapping for this coming Saturday for my last weekend shaman class (for now, anyway). It’s the end of a cycle for me, good stuff. I worked yesterday, my “day off” for my previous employers in Denver.

More socializing on Friday night, and L-word party last night.

Doing a “dinner-club” thing with a couple of friends tomorrow night at a new restaurant in town.

Babysitting another friend’s old and feeble dog while she (the friend) goes to FL to take care of her old and feeble mother and step-father. The mother is having shoulder surgery, and the step-father can’t be left alone anymore. We’ll have the dog for 2 weeks, then immediately will be babysitting Lucy the Frisky for a week while HER owner goes to Belize.

We have our own travel plans for this year, but I’ll have to post about them later. Right now, I need to scarf some lunch and get back to typing. So far today:

1. Thyroidectomy.
2. Parathyroidectomy.
3. Epidural steroid injections.
4. Gallbladder removal.

And that’s just for starters…


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