The Effects of Mercury in Retrograde, or What Next?

For those of you with an astrological inclination, the planet Mercury was in retrograde from January 11 through Saturday, January 31. During this time, when the planet SEEMS to orbit “backwards”, it is generally accepted that certain types of “glitches” are more prone to happen, particularly with mechanical things (i.e. cars, computers, etc.), and in communication such as legal contracts and those kinds of things.

We’ve had just a few of those in this retrograde session, and are still dealing with the aftermath, since at this moment, I am heating water on the stove for my “shower”. Yes, after the other plumbing mess, our water heater went out on us, that is, the mechanism that keeps the pilot flame lit has gone kaput. However, there is good news, because our water heater is a Whirlp00l, and apparently this part has been recalled, so it will be replaced for free. Downside, we HOPE the part will be here and replaced some time tomorrow, but it could be later. Once again, I give thanks for working at home, as it is acceptable to be relatively unwashed while typing in the basement.

So, 2 plumbing problems in this retrograde, and I had to convert my Internet browser to Firef0x because Macrohard Explorer finally just quit working on me all together. Still, there’s an upside because I really like Firef0x a whole lot better, and I’ve even got it loaded on G’s computer, too.

All things considered, it could have been a lot worse, and Mercury went “direct” again yesterday. The next retrograde period will be May 7 through May 30, 2009, and unfortunately will encompass my birthday. Perhaps I better not plan that trip to Bora Bora after all!

If you want to read more about dear little Mercury, here is some good reading.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “The Effects of Mercury in Retrograde, or What Next?

  1. Ah, yes…. Good ol’ Mercury.

    Being a Virgo, Walhydra sometimes feels as if Mercury is always retrograde for her (but she’s checked her natal chart, and it’s not).

    More likely it’s that she expects the cosmos to do what she wants, and usually it refuses to cooperate.

    Even so, the Merc Rx periods are definitely a challenge.

    For Walhydra, the upside this time around is that she’s recently discovered this blog, Mercury Retrograde!

    Wow! This guy does a whole, very thoughtful blog on Merc Rx! Worth looking at.

    [Check out all his posts about Obama’s inauguration.]

    Meanwhile, re browsers. It’s vaguely reassuring to learn that someone else is jettisoning Internet Exploder [nickname courtesy of Jay Gross.

    Walhydra’s new browser of choice is Google Chrome. Instead of doing Microsloth’s perennial hack job of adding layers upon layers upon layers of re-engineered code on top of the stuff they orginally did in the 1990’s, Google started from scratch and built something new.

    Anywho…thanks for sharing the Merc Rx blues.

    On your birthday, remember that Merc Rx is a time to step back, reconsider, reinvent…and wait.

    Blessed Be,
    Bright Crow

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