She’s Doing It

So, my daughter came over today with a big grin on her face and had me log on to the community college website to see her scores. She passed 3 of the 5 tests needed for the GED with flying colors! AND, she got a new job! Temp job, but lasting till June–some kind of data entry position for the IRS. She’ll be working evenings but off weekends. We will probably start picking up the boys again, but that’s okay, with warmer weather, G. needs the help!

She’ll take the 4 test (writing) in 2 weeks and the final test (math–her big fear) a couple of weeks after that. I fully expect she will have her GED by the end of March.

There’s a graduation for GED classes in May. I can’t wait to go whoop and holler!



3 thoughts on “She’s Doing It

  1. That is so awesome! Yay!!

    The IRS huh? Think she can take care of this little $800 back taxes problem I have? LOL

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