OH. MY. GOD!!!

If you read the 2nd comment on the previous post, you will see that this blog has been NOMINATED FOR A “LEZZY” AWARD in the “over-50” category. WOW. I am really touched and incredibly happy. I have no idea who nominated me (and it wasn’t me, just for the record), but whoever you are, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

One of the reasons that I contacted Kelly at TLL to be an author, was that when I first started reading the blog, I noticed that there was a dearth of lesbians “of a certain age” that were writing. I couldn’t speak for the readers, of course, but all the authors seemed to be 30 and under. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to be a voice for those women who had a bit more “experience” even though I had not been out of the closet for that long.

I have totally enjoyed my experience writing for TLL and reading the contributions of the other authors. I have learned tons o’ great stuff, and I hope I’ve been able to share a little bit of life experience with some of the “younger set”. I’ve also made some really good blog friends, and you know who you are!!

So, thanks again to whoever nominated me and hopefully those same folks and more will VOTE, so that I can become an “official” LEZZY!!

Whoo Hoo!



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