For the First Time….

…since we have been together, G and I are going to a Valentine’s “do”! She mentioned that today–that it’s the first time we’ve done this, and I realized she was right. Wow! We will be going to a Valentine’s dance and house party at the home of 2 new friends, C and A, who are in their 40’s, and have all kinds of “toys” such as a karoke machine, etc. (I’m sure they have other kinds of “toys”, too, but I won’t go into that!) It’s going to be a pot luck and I will be making my famous chocolate-raspberry cheesecake.

Yesterday, we went to Colorado Springs to an RV show, and shopped for outfits. I found mine at K-M@art of all places–a slinky red top and some new black jeans all on sale. On Wednesday, we are going to go get henna-ed for the party. Since my top has kind of a low scoop neck, I’m thinking of having the lady do a henna “necklace” and some hearts on my hands and fingers. We’ve had designs done by her before and she is great. Yes, I’ll post some photos–maybe!

I got part of G’s gift today and hope the rest of it arrives in time for Friday. I’m so looking forward to this party, as a chance for us to show each other off, to dance with her on her new knee, and just to have an all around good time with new and old friends, in the company of some fabulous women!

I’m having fun getting back into having a social life!!



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