Thinking about Love: Some/Thing Old

This is Freedom to Marry week. Thanks to TLL and The Other Mother for joining many others in this blog carnival celebrating Freedom to Marry Week 2009. I decided to join in, and to day is the day to post about some/thing old, as in the old wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”

Below, is my something old. It’s a photo of my mother at her wedding, taken October 10, 1953:

My mother’s house burned down twice when she was a youngster and a teenager, so there are very few pictures of her family left to pass on. At the far left is her mother, Emma, my grandmother, who died before I was born. According to my mother, we were/are much alike. On her other side is her father, who we called “Dad”. We never knew him well growing up for several reasons: We always lived at least 2 states away from him, and he was pretty far-gone in alcoholism by the time we were old enough to really appreciate him. He died when I was in college.

The other two ladies are my mother’s sisters, my aunts, both still alive and well, and married to their first and only husbands. They are both very wonderful, sweet, Southern women and I am in fairly regular contact with both of them, either by e-mail or telephone. I can’t believe they are both in their 70s.

So, that’s my “old” picture. To me it speaks of love, tradition and family at their best. I deeply and truly believe that all people should be allowed to experience this, to find and marry their true love and soul mate. Love is hard enough to find in this world, why do so many have to work so hard to limit it?

May we all find our own true loves!



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