More Love: Some/Thing New

Continuing our talk of love and marriage in the blog carnival to celebrate Freedom to Marry week, today (and I know I’m late), I have my something new:

G brought these home to me for Valentine’s day yesterday, surprising the heck out of me! They are the most beautiful colors, they lighter color ones are not yellow and not white, but some almost indefinable color in between–a buttery creamy color. And the other ones–I’ve never seen roses that color, not mauve, not lavender, but again something in between with almost a pewter shimmer. The photos just don’t do them justice.

And, I couldn’t have a “something new” page without bragging on my wife’s E-bay skills yet again:
She found these Earth shoes online for around $10.00–normally nearly $100.00–and she won her bid! I think they are just too cute. I also think she’ll be wearing them to the Valentine’s day party we’re going to on Friday.

Here’s to continually finding the “new” in your love!



2 thoughts on “More Love: Some/Thing New

  1. I’m catching up – and just realized when I saw those shoes that there’s a big sale down at Fleet Feet this morning and despite my distaste for shopping – I’m going to be first in line. Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

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