Freedom To Marry Week: Some/Thing Blue

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE!” It was pretty easy to find the first three things for this week’s posts honoring Freedom To Marry Week. But blue, now that’s another story. After all, I’m not really GIVING you something blue. So, the more I thought about blue, and the thinks that come to my mind when I envision “blue”, I decided to share some blue skies with you. For me, there’s nothing like a Colorado blue sky. I am lucky to be able to have just incredible skies right from my front porch:

Skies like this, I call “Maxfield Parrish blue”:
And, I’ve also been lucky enough to see some amazing blue skies in places like Kensington Park, London, with a bit of snow on the ground:

Edinburgh, Scotland also has some lovely blue skies, especially up by Edinburgh Castle:One of my favorite skies was the day that I climbed Alto de Perdon, just west of Pamplona, Spain. I love the sculpture dedicated to all the pilgrims who walk El Camino Santiago, and also seeing the wind turbines that provided clean electricity to the area.

And, of course, how could you resist an incredible blue sky in Monument Valley, Utah:

Of course, even the bluest of skies will have a few clouds, just like the best of relationships will have its rocky times. Here is a blue, cloudly sky along the River Boyne in Ireland:

And another, right here in Colorado, along the Arkansas River:

And, finally, sometimes blue skies turn dark, and almost frightening, and sometimes you feel like your relationship or your marriage might not have been worth the risk it took to go for it. But then, when you think of all the other clear, blue skies that you have been privileged to experience, it kind of makes the darkness recede and the value of your relationship all the more precious:

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the blogs who have participated in this some/thing week. Please remember that everyone should be allowed to marry the person they love, otherwise, the clouds really will close in on all of us.

Happy Valentine’s Day a bit early!



3 thoughts on “Freedom To Marry Week: Some/Thing Blue

  1. Happy Valentines day to you both!

    To get to the eco park, go west on Highway 50 to 1st street and turn left, go way past Robison Mansion up the hill and just keep on going as if you were going to Temple Canyon. After a couple of miles you’ll see a parking lot on the right and you’re there.

    The pics really make me long for spring….

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