Busy Day in Grumpyland

So, this morning, we agreed to take one of our good friends for her colonosopy. We decided that since I am the usual early riser, I would pick her up at 6:45 in order to get her to the surgery place by 7:15, and G. would pick her up from there when she was done and get her home. This meant me leaving the house by about 6:15. No problem, we were happy to do it because no matter how great you might feel after something like that, you really should not drive and since she lives alone, she needs our help.

BUT. Last evening, I got a frantic call from my daughter. Apparently GS1 had been throwing up all day and was in severe pain. They had taken him to his doctor who had advised that it might be appendicitis and to go urgently to the ER, which is where they were, getting a CT scan, etc. Many telephone calls later, I was headed up to the hospital to wait with him while mom, step-dad, and brother went to get mom’s car so she could stay overnight in the hospital with him. GS2 would be dropped off at our house to spend the night, as step-dad had to be at work very early, and we would take him to, and pick him up from school. Depending on what went on with GS1, he would either be discharged in the morning (today) or possibly have his appendix out.

Happily, this appears to have been a case of food poisoning (it’s not often you’re happy about that, but given the choice of that versus surgery, we’ll take it). When I got to the hospital, he was sitting in bed with an IV, chatting and feeling better. The doc came in, pressed his tummy all over, and there was no pain. Still, they said better to stay overnight, and plans proceeded accordingly.

So, I got up this morning, hit the road, got friend to the surgery center with time to spare, hit Starbuk’s on the way home for coffee and hot chocolate, G got the boy to school, I worked, daughter called and the doctor was in surgery, and she needed to go home to get ready for her first day at a new job, which was delayed by all this. Of course, at the same time, the surgery center called and said our friend was ready to go home, so G went to get her, I had daughter pick me up and take me to the hospital to sit with GS1 until they released him, and then we would wait for G to pick us up. THEN, she went to get GS2 from school, and THEN…right after she got back,

…wait for it…

Yep, about 2 weeks ago, we went to a camper/RV show in Colorado Springs, with G determined to pick out some kind of traveling home on wheels for us. But, turns out, they were demo-ing the PERFECT 4-person hot tub that she had been wanting since before I met her, so we came home with that. Or, rather, a contract for it. So, now it’s in its new home, we will have the electricians in hopefully tomorrow to install a dedicated 220 panel, and then the water will be heatin’ up!

After all the running around today, it’s going to be LOVELY to relax in some nice, hot water right in our own back yard. And it was a LOT cheaper than a trailer!




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