Tuesday Was Better

My glasses are fixed. They weren’t really “broken” just the tiny little screw on the right side got loose and the lens fell out. Had to take them to the store, though, because our tiniest screwdriver wasn’t tiny enough. I scrounged around and found my old glasses, which made me feel unbalanced, but I could see well enough to drive, and once at the lens place, they were fixed in no time.

Last night, we had our 2nd monthly dinner at this place which has opened up a new restaurant in Pueblo. They have this “special” dinner for customers who get on their e-mail list, complete with a sommelier to pair the wines with each course, of which there are five. Service is fabulous, and we already see “regulars” coming back. Cost: $35.00 per person, for a fabulous dinner, incredible wine, most of which is under $15.00 a bottle. They may be switching this to an every other month event, because it goes on in addition to the regular restaurant running upstairs. That would also be easier on the pockets, but G. and I have decided that if we give up all other dinners out, we’ll keep this one.

After that, nicely toasted, warm and happy, we came home and plunged into the new hot tub. What better way to end a lovely evening than hanky panky under the starts?

Fuck the IRS, life is good!



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