Eggs, Bees, and other Miscellaneous Items

When G. started her physical therapy, she discovered that one of the ladies in the office keeps chickens and sells eggs. So, now, instead of buying eggs that come from who-knows-where from chickens that are treated who-knows-how, we get these beautiful eggs for about $3.00 a dozen:

The egg on the first row, second from the right, is almost the same color as G. painted the two end walls of the living room this weekend:

Facing the kitchen:

Facing the front of the house:

Then, today, when we were running around, I found these really cool light switch plates:

Finally, it was about 80 degrees in Pueblo today. Even before this warm spell, we’ve been chasing honey bees out of the house on a regular basis. We encourage bees with everything we plant, and always welcome them, but we don’t necessarily want them IN the house. I was outside doing a little meditation in the back garden, and I swear one of the bees must of thought my blue and purple tie-tied shirt was a flower. It was like a little dog who wanted to follow me home. I finally got in the house without it, only to find yet ANOTHER honeybee in the kitchen window over the sink. I got that one outside in a plastic cup with a piece of paper over it, but then found more in the sink having drowned.

If anyone has any clues to this bee behavior, please enlighten me!

Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “Eggs, Bees, and other Miscellaneous Items

  1. Wow, what a difference with the room, the finished product looks great! Don’t know about the bee thing other than I know they’re getting scarce.

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