Today I am working, swapping to have Thursday off so that I can take G to Denver for more medical appointments, not knee-related. So far, I have typed nearly 800 lines (daily goal 1200). So far today, SHE has put together an entire drip-irrigation system for the yard, and from the sounds I hear above me, I would deduce that she is now painting the living room ceiling.

We did get the 4th wall of the living room painted yesterday and the color scheme is working (photos later). I have a bookcase full of books (mostly cookbooks) to sort through to decide if I want to keep them all. She said “Take your time.” But I know there is a limit on that because she can only look at stacks of anything for so long before it must be dealt with. I’ll do my best to take care of them, as they are all my books.

I will try to get a walk in or some kind of exercise, but will probably be so pooped after sitting here all day that I’ll talk myself out of it.

Bad me. And with a college reunion coming up in just 1 month.

It’s a Monday for sure…



2 thoughts on “Today

  1. You did more than I did today I just bought nonsexy underwear. A good place to get rid of your books is they have a place to enter in your ISBN number and if they want your books for trade they will also pay to have it shiped to them.

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