Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Good thing I changed my colors a week or so ago! Here’s to the Irish in all of us on this day!

Random stuff this morning. I’m waiting for work to load, but happy for a brief respite. G actually did NOT paint the living room ceiling yesterday, she finished a quilt that she was working on and had to put all the books back on the bookcase.

I was totally wiped after work yesterday, but I FORCED myself to get out the bike as it was a perfect day for a ride. This is the second time I’ve taken it out this spring, and I was surprised that hills, etc. seem a bit easier than when I last rode it over a year ago. This is a bicycle, by the way, not a motorcycle. I’m thinking an after work bike ride a few times a week is a good thing. I must admit I felt much better when I got back.

Then G and I went for Mexican food, and I came home to watch my favorite “Dancing With the Stars”. I’m just a sucker for that show, what can I say? During the show, I sorted my cookbooks and actually pulled a few off the shelves for release, along with some kiddie books that the boys have outgrown. We’ll probably donate them to the library’s used book store, “Books Again”.

I’m also determined to go through my clothes and get rid of items that I haven’t worn in ages and am not likely to wear. I guess the Spring Cleaning bug can bite even me!

In other news, it’s just a month till my 30th college reunion, and I am now really looking forward to it. I am only going for a long weekend and I won’t be seeing or talking to any of my siblings, so that will take off some obligations. Long story there that may or may not be blogged about. Suffice to say right now it’s a relief. Still debating whether to check a bag or ship it UPS. Time will tell. I’m already packing in my head.

Well, guess I’d better go see why I’m not getting any work. I feel weird when I’m not typing my little fingers off!



One thought on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

    I’m so glad you’re going to your reunion…maybe you’ll blog about that or at least email me some news about people I would know.

    I so need to do the cookbook and garment weeding around here…you’re an inspiration!

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