Leading a Trend?

Couple of months ago, I got a notice in the mail that my United Sky Miles were going to expire. Fancy that, I didn’t even know I HAD United Sky Miles! However, in this mailing, they were offering that I could swap my miles to subscribe to some magazines, and they had a few there that I liked, so what the heck.

One of the magazines I chose was More, which is supposedly a magazine for women over 40, but still along the lines of “Glam0ur” etc.–fashion, make-up, yadda yadda, but with a twist on the “executive” woman if you will. I take any magazine who offers up blue jeans for the high side of $200.00 with a large grain of salt. What planet are these people on, anyway? Still, I thought, why not see how the other half lives?

Imagine my surprise when I got the last issue with Jeanne Tripplehorn on the cover, with an article entitled, “Over 40 and Over Men”! Wow. An entire article in a “mainstream” magazine dedicated to women coming out later in life and finding their true love with another woman. I thought, okay, you’ve just won me over. Having Dara Torres on the cover of THIS month’s issue didn’t hurt, either!

Then, I was checking out this great site, Autostraddle, when I see a link there to an article about how O! magazine has also “discovered” lesbians! My goodness. In all my maverick little life, I never thought I would be part of a “trend”. Guess I’ll stay tuned and just see what happens!

Have a great weekend,



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