Comfort Food

When I am miserable as I am now, sick with a cold, head stuffed closed, sounding like a frog, I finally broke down and went and got my asbolute favorite things to eat when I feel like this:

Kung Pao chicken (no celery)

Hot and Sour soup and the hottest Chinese mustard I could find.

Whew!  This makes the 3rd change of clothes today, but at least everything is starting to drain.  I’ve got a reunion coming up in a week and I can’t be sick!

More Puffs, Scooter, I need more Puffs!



4 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. OMG…those are my very favorite sick foods in the world. I used to drive all the way across SF to get the best Hot and Sour Soup, I love love Kung Pao Chicken, even with the celery and Chinese mustard is the bomb.

    Love your new digs, trying to find a post on why you moved.

    I’ve been a bad bad blog friend lately, but it looks great. Maybe I should move BM too..

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