Feeling Better

Finally feeling human again.  I’ll be off today, taking G to Denver for a VA dental appointment about possible permanent dental implants for her.  This will be a real process if it goes forward, involving bone grafting in the lower jaw (OUCH!).  We’ll see what they say.  Since her appointment is not till 2 p.m, we are going up early to check out the Tattered Cover bookstore and maybe have lunch at a “family friendly” place.  We were worried that it might snow some today, but it looks like it’s just going to be cool and cloudy–maybe rain tomorrow.

For those of you outside of CO, we usually get most of our snow in the southern part of the state in March and April, and it’s not unusual to have snow in May.  However, we’ve now got lettuce, peas, onions, cabbage and Chinese kale in the ground, so if it does snow, hopefully it won’t freeze and it will be a wet snow.  But any moisture will be good as it was a dry winter.

Happy Friday and more later.


PS – I am definitely back in the land of the living as the coffee smells enticing this morning!


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