Beautiful Snowy Easter

As I write this, I’m watching big, wonderful, wet chunks of snow fall through the window of my basement office.  We need this snow/moisture so badly here; it’s been a very dry winder in southern Colorado.  First it started as rain, which was lovely, then became that funny mixture of snow and rain, and now it’s all now, but it’s WET.  All our water barrels in the back yard are full, and I’ve got pictures to put up, but the camera batteries are being recharged right now, so I need to wait for that in order to get the pictures on here.  The evergreeens across the street, the tops of which I can see out my window, are starting to bend a bit with the weight of the snow.  The wonderful soil that we’ve spent 7 years adding compost and coffee grounds to is soaking this up like a sponge.  The onions and peas just sprouting will take off like crazy next week when it warms back up.  The whole neighborhood is snuggling down under this lovely blanket of moisture, and I have a feeling that when the sun comes out and it melts, spring will just POP right out in Pueblo!

What a gift.  If Easter is about spring and rebirth and resurrection, then this is a lovely embodiment of all of that.

Let it snow!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Snowy Easter

  1. Yay for full water barrels! I used to live in Flagstaff Arizona and I remember well the constant worry about water. I’m in the Pacific Northwest now and can’t wait for some sunshine!

    Life is grand!

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