I’m a Fan…

…of fans!  This was the fan we chose for G’s office/our guest room.   Yesterday, she tore up the carpet, exposing the lovely floors, and then rearranged it with a new rug we had bought a while back:room3

This is the opposite side of the room–with my little rebounder that I love:


And here’s the “art wall” that we put together–this will probably get rotated around the house at some point:


When we painted the living room, we had just a “plain” old celing fan (this picture also shows the 3rd shade of green in the living room):


As you can see above, there was no light on that fan, so we took the plunge and went with this:


We have the lights aimed at various paintings around the room, and those little blades put out a surprisingly large volume of air!  I love this fan, but I have yet to get the one for the kitchen–that one is REALLY cool, but hopefully, I’ll have it before it gets really hot here–although it’s going to be 86 today–but only for today.

At least I have the fan in the living room to cool me down!



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