Grandsons Are Great

GS1 called me last evening.  Usually, it’s a the behest of his mother wanting something or telling me they’re out of food, etc.  Last night, he told me that his 3rd grade teacher had given him a tree and he wanted to know if I would plant it in our yard for him.  His class has been studying the Earth, etc. for Earth Day.

I told him of course we would be happy to plant his tree here, so today we are getting a new tree!  I have no idea what kind, but, hey, it’ll be HIS tree and he can visit with it when ever he’s over.

That’s a great thing.


5 thoughts on “Grandsons Are Great

  1. In this part of the world (midwest us) they tend to be little scrub pines.
    We have one in our back yard from one of the kids.

    All of our trees belong to someone…a dog, a kid, our yard is a grand memorial to planted love.

    I hope we don’t have to move for a while.

  2. that’s one of the things a kid would remember for the rest of his life. I also had my share of planting things when I was young with my father.

    I hope it would be the same if I ever would have kids.

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