Milk Run (or walk, rather)

Well, GS1 didn’t come over last night, guess mom got distracted with other things.  That’s okay, we got more carrots planted, and also some bok choi.  We are trying new greens this year, just to see what will happen.

Woke up this morning and was well into making coffee before I realized I had no half-and-half.  Now, I can drink coffee minus sugar/sweetener, but I need my cream!  So, I decided to hoof it down to the convenience store that’s just about a half-mile from the house.  Lovely walk, quiet, cool and cloudy.  We might even get a few drops.  And the coffee tasted that much better.  Plus, after a nice walk, I am actually feeling awake and ready to work.

Happy May Day–my birthday is in 11 days!!



3 thoughts on “Milk Run (or walk, rather)

  1. I agree ~ no milk, no coffee; and it’s not going to go well without the coffee.

    I used to walk my old dog early every morning. In the winter, a drag ~ especially in this climate (Pacific Northwest). But a dawn walk in the summer…. ah! Beautiful way to start the day!

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