A Miscellaneous Kind of Day

After 3 days of LOVELY, slow, soft rain, the wind came up and blew the clouds away today.  I’ve been living in Colorado too long–average of 330 days of sunshine per year.  I used to love cloudy days, which we got fairly frequently in Atlanta; now, when it’s overcast, I feel like everything should just STOP till the sun comes back out!  So, yesterday was kind of a “daze” day, slept late, went to breakfast, went to Home Depot (the SUCKIEST service ever) with a friend so she could buy a tree and ended up buying 2 sand cherries for the yard.

Then, thanks to a completely serindipitous gift, we went to see the play “Greater Tuna” which was in town for 1 night.  I had seen it before and adore the play; G was not quite sure what to make of it, but still, we had a good time.

Today, I woke up late (again), did my banking, then came back determined to get some work done cleaning up the office.  G went to a friend’s house to help her build some flower boxes, so I had the house to myself for a while which was nice.  I put on some music, made bread, actually cleaned out an entire binder of “stuff” for shredding, put my current work account info in that empty binder, but a binder of OLD work stuff away, cleaned out some files in the file drawer (more shredding), pulled the papers off the printer, so that the printer is now visible, tidied up some electronic work details regarding connectivity, and have now got down to 1 small stack of papers that I will cut into quarters and use for things like grocery lists and telephone messages.  Oh, and I re-scheduled an eye doctor appointment, went to the grocery store, and picked up the boys from school because my daughter and her husband had to take his brother to the hospital for detox.  Apparently, he’d been on a week-long drinking binge and a few more drinks might have killed him.  What a day!

But, it was all done at my pace, on my own time, and so all-in-all, it was quite pleasant.  I bought St0uffer’s chicken enchildada’s for dinner, so even that’s taken care of.  G’s in the hot tub nurturing her sore legs, and I’m about to go pop the dinner in the oven.  All I have left to do is fill out the form to send back to the infernal revenue service so that they can take money out of my bank account for the next 100 years, and I’ll be done.

All in all, a fairly productive day.

Tomorrow, back to typing…



4 thoughts on “A Miscellaneous Kind of Day

  1. J loves Greater Tuna and wants me to see it so badly. Glad you had a great time. (Totally envious of your hot tub!)

  2. Lansing, hell! Try Portland Oregon. We are having phenomenal amounts of rain right now. So. Tired. Of. Rain!

    What a great productive day, though. Sounds very satisfying.

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